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TEAMS – The club will consist of up to 3 travel teams and we will also have a weekend league for those girls that either don’t make it on a travel team or can’t devote the amount of time required for a travel team. The make-up of these teams will not be determined until we have tryouts.

VERY IMPORTANT – Any girls trying out for the travel teams must keep in mind that you are making a commitment for 5 months of being able to dedicate yourself to your team and your teammates. If you can’t be at 75%-80% of the practices and can’t commit to being available to all the tournaments, then this might not be for you. We have plans for one team to compete at a high level and the other teams to be striving to reach their greatest potential. It takes a high level of dedication to achieve this.

NATIONAL COMPETITION TEAM – One team will be playing at a very competitive level against teams that will be playing in national tournaments. This requires an extra big commitment from the girls participating. This is where exposure to a number of college coaches and players that will be playing at the collegiate level will take place. Teams will practice 2-3 times per week and play in at least two tournaments a month. We will compete in the open level of OVR region, attend one National Qualifier and compete in at least three multi-day tournaments, including the three day qualifier.

REGIONAL COMPETITION TEAMS – Two levels of regional teams will be chosen if we have the numbers for a third team. The Regional 1 will play compete in the Club division in the OVR Region, yet also attend at least two multi-day tournaments. Regional 2 team will be made if we have enough 15 and under players wanting to commit to a more competitive schedule than our weekly league. This team will attend 1 multi-day tournament. These girls on these teams will practice 2 times per week and play a more regional schedule, competing in approximately 6 or 7 tournaments throughout the season. One of these tournaments will be the OVR regional tournament in May in Columbus, Ohio.

WHO WILL BE ON THESE TEAMS? – The teams will be chosen and placed according to several criteria which include, but not limited to; skill level, age and dedication to the game. Everyone will not agree with the decisions made by the coaches in choosing these teams, but the coaching staff has the final say in all team placements. We make no promises or guarantees of kids wishing to be on the same team as a friend.

WHAT IF I DON’T MAKE A TRAVEL TEAM? – Unfortunately, we have a limited number of qualified coaches, which limits the number of teams. Everyone may not make a travel team, but there are other options. We are starting a weekend league this year that will also give the area girls an opportunity to further enhance their skill without being on a travel team. Also, being on a travel team last year does not guarantee anyone a spot on one of this years teams, those spots are earned. We will do our best to thoroughly evaluate everyone so everyone has an equal opportunity.

HOW MUCH PLAYING TIME WILL I GET ? (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY) There is NO guarantee of playing time on the travel teams, please understand this before we go further. It is earned through dedication, hard work, attitude, performance and team needs. Playing time is at the discretion of the coach for each team. Volleyball is a team sport and we approach it as such. An athlete has every right to ask her coach what she can do to earn more playing time. It is not appropriate for the parent to discuss this with the coach. If your child doesn’t have enough interest in asking for themselves, the coach doesn’t want to discuss it with the parent.


PRACTICE – Practice is where you improve your skills to be able to better perform in a game. It is imperative that you be at practice and be at practice on time. It is your responsibility to contact your coach if for some reason you can’t make it. Contact them BEFORE practice, not after the fact. Many drills and practice routines require a set number of players to run them properly, you are letting down yourself and your teammates if you just don’t show up. Remember, this is where playing time is earned.

DISPUTES – Volleyball by its nature is a competitive sport and thus situations develop where there will be some unhappy players or parents at some point during the season. If there is something that is bothering you, do NOT air your problems to other parents, nothing gets accomplished in this manner and it is very disrupting to the club in general. In addition, do not criticize other players on your daughter’s team, which is not conductive to team chemistry. Therefore, we have the following procedure for solving problems.

  1. Best option is for the athlete to discuss the problem with her coach.

  2. If the problem is not resolved after this, you can request a meeting with the grievance committee which will be made up of a representative from each team.

  3. Playing time is NOT an issue that this committee will handle, that is between the player and the coach.

We will not put our coaches in a position to defend their coaching decisions to a parent. The coaches are highly skilled and have a much deeper understanding of the game and what they are trying to accomplish in their training and game situations, please respect this.

TRAVEL – The parents will be responsible for getting their daughters to the tournaments at the time appointed by each coach. We will need at least one parent per team to be an official chaperone and be registered with the OVR. Every coach and club official will undergo a background screening, another safe guard the OVR implemented this year.

This season, we will also have a parent meeting to begin the year for each team to decide on method of travel as well as method for hotel room booking and sharing of rooms. Come to this meeting with an open mind.

FEES – As with any sort of elite travel team, there are a lot of expenses associated with participating. These costs include gym use, coaches pay, equipment costs, registration fees, uniform costs etc. We also support the MU volleyball team as a booster as a thanks for their support to the River Cities Thunder Volleyball Club.Budget: Tuition breakdown – per team (based on 10 player per team)

2007 – 2008 Tuition Breakdown

Category National Regional: 1 (2)
USAV Registration 50 50(50)
Tournament entry fees 325 205 (125)
Coaches Salaries 300 200 (150)
Coaches Expenses 100 70(50)
Equipment (club) 25 25 (25)
Uniforms 100 100 (100)
Total $900 $650 ($500)

Payment Schedule

When National Regional
First Practice 500 400 (300)
February 15th 450 300 (250)
March 15th 200 150 (n/a)



Players tuition must be paid up or participation in practice and games could be affected. These funds are needed to keep the club running smoothly. Please speak with Brian Brickett if you need to discuss an alternate payment plan. We will work with anyone that takes time to set up an alternate plan!

LEAGUE PLAY – This will be our fourth year of league play.

WHERE: This league will play at the YMCA gym which is located in the old Huntington High School. The season will last approximately 14 weeks.

WHEN: Sundays – 1:00pm to 5:00pm. First day of league training is planned for 1/28/2007.

Total Cost: $200.00/Player

There will be four training Sundays and 10 competition Sundays. Players are encouraged to attend all sessions.

The league philosophy centers on the development of all participants. All active participants will receive similar playing time to the best of the coach’s ability. This does not mean all players will play the same amounts, but that all players will play a fair amount. This has never been an issue in either of the first two seasons.

We reserve the right to decide whether or not certain skill levels need more drills and fundamental training as opposed to more game time play. We realize that game time play is “more fun”, but the teaching of fundamentals is extremely important to playing a game that is “more fun”!!!


FUND RAISING – To help off set the costs of participation, we will use some methods of fund raising. We will need the help of the parents in this area. There will no longer be a club media guide … we hope parents will be able to get together and raise funds to offset costs.

USA Volleyball Participant Code of Conduct (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader® (free)).

Ohio Valley Region Juniors’ Volleyball Tryouts Athletes’ Bill of Rights (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader® (free)).

Junior Olympic Volleyball Age Definitions for the 2007-2008 Season (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader® (free)).


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